The Mammoth Book of The Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes by Denis O. Smith

The Mammoth Book of The Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes: 20 New Adventures and Intrigues by Denis O. Smith
English | 2017 | Mystery | EPUB | 486 KB

These are stories of the sort loved by true fans of the greatest of all detectives, in which a client tells Holmes a strange tale, drawing him into a baffling mystery. Whether in fogbound London or deep in the English countryside, these action-packed stories, set during the 1880s and early 1890s, before Holmes’s disappearance at the Reichenbach Falls, faithfully recreate the atmosphere of Conan Doyle’s early Holmes stories.
This wonderful anthology brings together the best work of Denis O. Smith, much admired for his new Sherlock Holmes stories, including ‘A Hair’s Breadth’, ‘The Adventure of the Smiling Face’ and ‘An Incident in Society’. Ten of these stories have never previously been published in book form.

The Adventure of the Crimson Arrow
The Adventure of Kendal Terrace
A Hair’s Breadth
The Adventure of the Smiling Face
The Adventure of the Fourth Glove
The Adventure of the Richmond Recluse
The Adventure of the English Scholar
The Adventure of the Amethyst Ring
The Adventure of the Willow Pool
The Adventure of Queen Hippolyta
The Adventure of Dedstone Mill
An Incident in Society

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