The Many Lives of Peter Brigsby by Mike Coasey

The Many Lives of Peter Brigsby by Mike Coasey
English | 2022 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 386 KB

Have you ever woken up sad or depressed for no reason? Perhaps it’s because you died in a parallel universe. In, The Many Lives of Peter Brigsby, that question is what led Dr. Brigsby to research and discover seven parallel Universes. Dr. Peter Brigsby and his assistant Dr. Laura Berkley have secretly been traveling to these seven parallel universes to conduct research. They travel through portals using a tool they created called the World Slicer. When funds for their lab work are threatened to be cut short, they decide to contact their other versions and gather them for the World to see.

Upon entering Universe Two, Dr. Brigsby inadvertently finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation involving Peter Brigsby and Laura Berkley from this World. With the police after him, he has no choice but to return to his universe. Things don’t go according to plan as Dr. Brigsby finds his assistant murdered upon his return. With all evidence pointing to Peter from Universe Two as the killer, Dr. Brigsby goes in search of him. But when he discovers other versions of Laura and himself being murdered, a deadly game of cat and mouse begins. Discover the many lives of Peter Brigsby as he tries desperately to save them.

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