The Markov Encryption by David N Robinson

The Markov Encryption by David N Robinson (Ben Lewis #3)
English | 2018 | Thriller | ePUB | 452 KB

Ben Lewis never expected to be blackmailed by a dead man – but when confronted by Keiran Doherty, a fellow ex-Marine reportedly killed in Afghanistan, all bets are off. Doherty has stolen an encryption key from Korean hacker, Markov – a key that will decipher Moscow’s most deadly secrets. He has also kidnapped Lewis’s former girlfriend, Holly, to force Lewis to do his bidding.

When an assassin kills Doherty in London, Lewis finds himself in a race against killers hell-bent on acquiring the key first. Can Lewis unravel Doherty’s cryptic clues to locate the encryption key, evade his pursuers and save Holly? Or will Markov’s encrypted secrets prove even deadlier than Lewis could have ever imagined?

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