The Morgow Rises! by Peter Tremayne

The Morgow Rises! by Peter Tremayne
English | 2017 | Horror | EPUB | 293 KB

Beware when the Morgow rises;
Lament for the living.
Lament for the unborn.
All things end!
Billy Scawen and his son, Jack are local fisherman of the sleepy coastal, Cornish village of Bosbradoe.
This season, the fishing has been particularly bad.
What could be causing this shortage of fish?
Twenty-five years ago, Billy had skippered a trawler out of Penzance. That had been in the days when the Cornish fishing fleet was a force to be reckoned with.
Without protection for native fishermen, the Cornish seas were being farmed bare by the factory trawlers from upcountry, from France and even from the Soviet Union.
This meant the locals had to go further and further afield just to make their living.
While out to sea, aboard their ship, Ysolt IV, Billy and Jack have no choice but to explore further to find a decent haul.
Suddenly, something hard seemed to smash into the underside of the boat. The waters around them seemed to erupt. Billy Scawen’s mouth dropped open in horror, the briar pipe falling to the boards and smashing to pieces.
Then young Jack Scawen gave one long, piercing shriek of terror…

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