The Mortician by A.L. Mengel

The Mortician by A.L. Mengel (The Astral Files #1)
English | 2017 | Horror | ePUB | 277 KB

Do You Want To Live Forever? Ever since Jacob Benjamin touched his dead Grandmother’s cheek while she lay in her coffin, he has had a fascination with death. The mystery of the grave and what lies beyond it became a lifetime quest for the young man.
His Master’s Degree thesis project explores the decades abandoned Waxley Mortuary, sitting in ruins. His research partners join him on a journey through life and legacy – but Jacob discovers there is still activity inside the dilapidated walls of Waxley.
From the appearance of an old photo the story begins; and as the mirror of one’s life reveals actions and regrets, Jacob realizes that there is one figure standing between him and his legacy, salvation, and redemption:
The Mortician.

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