The Mute Swan by Cameron Jace, Nick Twist

The Mute Swan by Cameron Jace, Nick Twist
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 218 KB

You can’t handle the truth… because it means your past was a lie.
A bloodthirsty ancient cult is terrorizing the small town of Lohr where justice has been buried with its victims for the past two centuries. Until John Sailor arrives — a vigilante whose past is a mystery and his future is a threat to everyone, even himself.

When a young girl is murdered and riddled with tattoos of swans on her body, John Sailor is called in the middle of night. They think they are ready for him. They’re wrong. Once Sailor unveils the truth encoded in ancient European folktales, it’s their worst nightmare.

But in order to uncover history’s darkest secrets, Sailor has to confront his own demons first — not only his, but mankind’s untold crimes five centuries back.

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