The Neon Amazon by Eugene Kirk, Garan Mad

The Neon Amazon by Eugene Kirk, Garan Mad (Once Giants Book #1)
English | 2017 | Science Fiction | EPUB, MOBI | 1.5 MB

Eight-foot-tall Tina Thompson has to make the biggest decision of her life.
Once a pretend villain in a league of bio-augmented professional wrestlers, Tina now survives in the slums of São Paulo as a drug lord’s enforcer, using her genetically enhanced body to take out anyone her boss deems a “problem”.
All Tina wants is a normal life, but with millions in debt and a body that requires constant nano-treatments to stave off deadly side effects, she doesn’t have a lot of options. An expensive designer drug could set her free, making her normal again, but she can’t hope to raise that kind of cash. When a collection run goes bad, things get worse. The cyber-enhanced mercenaries she’s just killed have a boss too, and he wants payback. He offers Tina a choice: die, or work for him in exchange for a permanent fix to her enhancements. No more nano-treatments, and no hope of going back to a normal life.
Now, Tina must decide if her freedom is worth the price. All she has to do is give up on her dream of normalcy, become a villain for real . . . and blow up a starship.
Gritty and exciting, The Neon Amazon is the first installment of a new sci-fi action series, featuring a twist on the idea of heroes and villains, set against a military sci-fi backdrop in a cyberpunk world.

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