The Neron Rising Saga: The Complete Series by Keary Taylor

The Neron Rising Saga: The Complete Series by Keary Taylor
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 813 KB

The Nero are the most powerful beings in the universe, but there is only one left. Valen Nero does terrible things. Taken as a child from his desert planet, Dominion formed him into a weapon they use to control the galaxy. He’s killed. He’s conquered. He is as powerful as he is soulless.

But maybe he isn’t the last after all. Because he and I have a connection. A powerful bond the world has never seen before. And with one touch, I see my future. It’s with him. I will stand by his side one day—as his dark queen.
I want to think he is evil. I know the terrible things he’s done. So why is he the only one who fills the hollowness in my chest? Maybe, if I can accept who I am, what I am, I can save us. Because how could I ever let him go, knowing the kind of love we could have?

It’s time for a choice: hide, stay safe—or learn to wield my new abilities, and change our future.

The Neron Rising Saga is a complete series of seven episodes. This special edition contains the entire series: Neron Rising, Neron Skies, Nero Awakening, Nero Blood, Nero Nights, Neron Wars, and Nero Kingdom.

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