The Night Watch by Julian Dinsell (ePUB, MOBI)

The Night Watch by Julian Dinsell
English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 1 MB

Professor Josef Wolski, a Polish scientist has arrived in America as a fugitive, under the name ‘Kloptik’ with secret information of the highest importance.
On a street corner in New York, the scientist is met by a member of ‘The Service’, Murphy, whose job it is to deliver Kloptik to a secure location – Bermuda.
Aboard a plane, Kloptik meets Jack Thornhill, a member of the British Civil Service, and tells his story, delivering worrying news from Eastern Europe:
While the West’s focus has switched to the Islamist threat, a few old warriors have been continuing their long vigil in Warsaw.
A group of academics, who call themselves The Night Watch, after Rembrandt’s famous painting, have been observing the secret activities of Soviet Russia in Poland.
But when Kloptik is approached by the dangerous and mysterious Golkov, who wants Kloptik to cooperate on a covert and worrying scientific programme, the lives of his fellow academics are threatened.
To save his colleagues from harm and morally compromising work, Kloptik agrees to help Golkov in secret.

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