The Obsidian Throne by Rowan Wright

The Obsidian Throne by Rowan Wright (The Darkness Divided Duology #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 665 KB

As the daughter of the Lord of the Underworld, Ember Ashworth knows she will never have a normal life. While other kids her age are preparing for college and going on dates, Ember constantly struggles to keep her regular life on the Surface separate from her role as a princess in the Underworld.

These two lives merge when her father unexpectedly announces that he is stepping down from the Obsidian Throne and that his daughters will have to compete for the right to reign in his stead. Ember would be more than happy to let her twin sister have the throne—if not for the fact that her sister wants her dead.

Once the competition for the throne begins, Ember quickly realizes she’s in over her head. The first two Tasks go horribly awry, and Ember suspects foul play. How else could she accidentally bind herself to a charismatic djinn in the first Task and nearly have her face eaten by a psychotic werewolf in the second?
In the midst of the competition, a sickness begins infecting Underworlders that turns even the most docile creatures into murderous monsters. Ember realizes that not only must she defeat her sister, she must also discover what—or who—is infecting the Underworlders before her family’s secret is exposed to the world on the Surface.

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