The Omega Effect by Noree Cosper

The Omega Effect by Noree Cosper
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 293 KB

Beware of Brimstone. Side effects include euphoria, possession, and Armageddon.
A new drug has hit the streets, offering the ultimate high at the low, low cost of your immortal soul.
With the demon Faust unleashing Hell on Earth through possessed Brimstone addicts, Gabby has no choice but to do what she does best: hunt down the demon spawn responsible for this plague and end their existence.
However, the appearance of an Archangel sends all of Gabby’s plans crashing down on her.
Now Gabby, who has dedicated her life to hunting demons, must do the unthinkable— face off against a servant of Heaven or see the Big Apple cleansed in a biblical firestorm.

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