The Operator by Craig Martelle

The Operator by Craig Martelle (Ian Bragg Thriller #1)
English | 2020 | Thriller | eBook | 678 KB

A hitman with a conscience? can he make the world a better place? Ian Bragg is paid to kill bad people. Not a lot of people, but for a lot of money. Doing good knows no limits. Case the target.

Make the hit. Move on. But for a woman with sparkling green eyes who changes everything.Is his newest target deserving of death? Who is Ian to decide if the politician needs to die? The one who has to live with the consequences, that’s who. Time is short as the contract deadline nears. Too many unknowns, too many cameras, too much to lose.Ian makes his own rules when he has to get out of a quandary where it’s more than just his life on the line. For the greater good, join Ian Bragg, the hitman with a conscience.

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