The Other Side by Shreya Faria

The Other Side by Shreya Faria
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 590 KB

Kavya Mehta, travelling from Mumbai to Cambridge reaches Las Vegas in an impromptu change in travel plans. An established American industrialist from Los Angeles, Sam Geller, acting on a peculiar threat from a blackmailer also reaches Vegas to force lose money at cards to a woman wearing a green silk dress. Kavya, wearing such a dress wins the money but protests when she is accused of being a blackmailer.

The blackmail threat, which emanates from a hack on a dating website, spreads across borders and Sam is not the only victim. In order to cover up his innocuous infidelity of having signed on to the website, Sam enlists the help of a friend and an investigator to unearth the blackmailer. Harvey Derrick crosses continents in pursuit of a clue and an ever complex truth.

An extra-marital curiosity, however innocent it may be, has the potential to plant a deep doubt between a wedded couple. And a rift such as this can only grow and often cannot be mended. Sam and Rachel Geller’s partnership seems to be in such a valley.

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