The Others by Mark Brandi

The Others by Mark Brandi
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 3 MB

Narrated by Jacob, through means of a diary gifted to him by his father on his eleventh birthday, The Others is set on a remote, decrepit Australian farm struggling under crippling drought conditions and isolated in a post-pandemic world.

I heard voices talking last night.
I’ve never heard my father talk to someone else.
Not that I can remember.
I was in bed, and I heard my father’s voice first.
He was talking to someone, and then I heard another man with a deep voice.
The man got angry, I could tell, even though I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying.
Then my father said, ‘I’d kill you first’.
On his eleventh birthday, Jacob’s father gives him a diary. To write about things that happen. About what he and his father do on their farm. About the sheep, the crop, the fox and the dam.
But Jacob knows some things should not be written down. Some things should not be remembered.
The only things he knows for sure is what his father has taught him.
Sheltered, protected, isolated.
But who is his father protecting him from?
And how far will his father go to keep the world at bay?
All too soon, Jacob will learn that sometimes we all have to do terrible things.

From the bestselling author of WIMMERA and THE RIP comes an unforgettable novel that explores the darkness in our world with the light only a child can find.

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