The Parachute Murder by Lebbeus Mitchell

The Parachute Murder by Lebbeus Mitchell
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 792 KB

The Parachute Murder, first published in 1933, is a classic ‘golden-age’ murder mystery, opening with a unique twist.

MURDER in the air! The body of a popular Broadway star is found in an Ohio field, under an opened parachute, with a bullet through his heart. Police of two states find themselves up a blind alley, and the New York District Attorney calls in a new type of amateur detective—Kirk Kemerson, character actor, who becomes speedily involved in a baffling mystery, complicated by a second murder and a kidnapping.

Studying the mind, habits, life and character of the murdered star as he would study a “character” part in a play, Kemerson solves the mystery in a thrillingly novel and dramatic denouement …

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