The Plan by J.A. James

The Plan by J.A. James
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | eBook | 390 KB

They are the aliens known as the Acruvae, who discovered the Human species hundreds of years ago, and haven’t left Earth’s orbit since.
A newly minted Seeker of the Institute, Griesen is ready for his first contact. He’s more than ready – he’s trained his entire career for it. There are also answers he’s burning to find as an orphan. Answers he knows can only be found on Earth.

However, as he initiates first contact with Halva, his assigned Human, he finds his progress systematically thwarted, with his own life put in grave danger – but by whom? And why?
The clock is running out. In his race for answers, his plans unravel as he unearths corruption within the Institute, and discovers perhaps the most dangerous thing of all – the threat of potential extinction that goes beyond humanity, buried deeply within the only home he has ever known.

From DropGalaxy From UploadRAR

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