The Playmaker Project by Daniel Peterson

The Playmaker Project by Daniel Peterson
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 392 KB

When winning at all costs becomes too expensive.
Eddie Alonso, a former pro soccer star, whose career was ended by a violent and intentional assault, is now a reluctant high school science teacher and varsity coach in St. Cloud, MN. When two of his favorite student players are recruited by an upstart Finnish soccer club owned by an eccentric tech billionaire with a secretive cognitive training program run by Dr. Anna Lehtinen, Eddie is suspicious of the motives but resists the urge to get involved.

But when Benny Gilbert calls Eddie from Finland to let him know of some strange personality changes of Peter Borg, his best friend, Eddie’s fears are confirmed.
Eddie finally jumps into action, but not before an enigmatic, Russian investor has targeted Peter as a star recruit for his own St. Petersburg soccer club. But there are other plans beyond sports for the neuroscience experiment now embedded into Peter’s head.

Eddie and Anna must unite to save Peter before he is brainwashed into cooperating with Dmitry’s revengeful agenda. The action races from Minnesota to Finland to Russia and back home.
In the end, Eddie needs to know if his dream was lost for a reason, as he and Anna try to make sure this new technology is preserved for compassion, not corruption.

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