The Poacher by J.M. Elliott

The Poacher by J.M. Elliott
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 303 KB

Hunting down the truth can be murder….
Banished from her high-flying career as an investigative journalist and betrayed by her lover, Andi Silvers takes the only job offered to her – as a local reporter in a tiny backwater on Vancouver Island. Andi expects her final humiliation will be reporting on bake sales and unpaid parking tickets.

But tensions are rising when Andi arrives in town. People are killing the sea lions in Coffin Cove. The eco-terrorists think it’s the fishermen, and have been protesting and sabotaging the commercial fleet.

When Andi discovers that the leader of the protesters has a shady past, she sees an opportunity for redemption, a chance to revive her career and solve the mystery of a twenty-year old cold homicide.

As she starts to probe into the past, the main suspect turns up dead, and Andi finds herself pulled into the secrets of this community, thinking she’s writing the story of her career.
But Andi is an outsider, and even in a small town where everybody knows everyone else’s business, Andi soon discovers that someone will kill to keep the truth hidden.

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