The Reclaiming by Dillon Patrick McNaight

The Reclaiming by Dillon Patrick McNaight
English | 2017 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.12 MB

A Guardian has fallen, and the symbol of the Ela destroyed. The White Queen has no choice but to help the Kain reclaim their homeland, for her lands may be next. The time has come to gather the three tribes of Ela, and reform the Golden Army.

As the White Queen’s army is summoned, King Daane and his brother Ayden, along with the Keeper of the Bow, Alandra, continue their way to the southern stronghold Riverton to muster the full strength of the Kain’s Guard. With the help of a woman known simply as the ‘Mother,’ the mighty breed of horses called the Trueborns are readied to carry their masters to war. Meanwhile, the beautiful and powerful Angel Teeca sets off to find the fabled Jailors in order to seek their allegiance against the Lord of the Shades. The board is set, and the pieces are moving. Will their efforts be enough to cast the Dragonkin out of the north for good, or is there an even greater evil growing?

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