The Riders Club by Dennis Nagel

The Riders Club by Dennis Nagel
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 390 KB

Tom is tired of being burglarized. After the fourth assault on his outdoor sports equipment store, he is ready to take action and solve the mystery. So, when his longtime friends and riding buddies, Mark and Brett, suggest solving the mystery and busting the criminals, it is easy for Tom to jump in the saddle.
But they get mixed up in something much bigger than the three of them can handle. Is this a chance for the boys to get some vigilante justice, or are they bound to get caught up in an organized crime ring that can take down these good ol’ boys?

The Riders Club is sure to get you turning pages to solve a mystery that is full of action and adventure. You will be cheering these friends on while they are on a crime busting adventure in the Boise foothills and rustic Idaho mountains.

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