The Rogue Agent by Brian Drake

The Rogue Agent by Brian Drake
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 332 KB

When his best friend is targeted for termination, nobody but Scott can save him. Years ago, John Pike rescued Stiletto from his personal demons. Now, the CIA believes Pike has killed a fellow agent and vanished into the underworld, where he might divulge classified information to the highest bidder.

Stiletto, no longer attached to the CIA or their rules, takes off on his own to learn the truth. Has Pike truly gone rogue after a lifetime of service to his country, or has he undertaken a personal mission to finally slay his own personal demons?

With the help of mafia princess Nikki Fortune, Stiletto crosses the globe following clues, leading to an eventual confrontation where the shocking truth forces Scott to make a life-and-death decision he isn’t sure he can live with.

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