The Rogue Master by Jo McCready

The Rogue Master by Jo McCready (The RJ Rox Thrillers #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 293 KB

She thought she knew who killed them. She was wrong. An exposed truth has secret agent RJ Rox going rogue. A dangerous path made even more perilous by an unexpected partner.

An international hunt for a murderer without the backup of the organization that trained them threatens to sever ties with Kingfisher forever—a bond she thought was unbreakable.As their pursuit develops, a brush with the Italian Mafia becomes the least of their concerns. Their enemy is far more sophisticated than anyone she’s ever come up against. Just what lengths will they need to go to in order to find their foe, and will they be ready for what comes next? Whatever cost you would be prepared to pay to avenge your loved ones, chances are, RJ will go further.

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