The Search by Jordan Shore

The Search by Jordan Shore
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 377 KB

A commercial airliner that has departed from Seattle on its way to Anchorage is missing; it deviated from its route and has disappeared from radar in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The rescue unit fails to locate the crash site, and the ongoing investigation doesn’t disclose what might have happened to the vanished plane.

The mystery surrounding the puzzling plane disappearance rapidly becomes a subject for media and public speculations. Frustration grows as the plane seems to have vanished into thin air; the idea that a commercial airliner could simply vanish seems beyond disbelief.

George Stanton works as a public relation manager at the affected airline company, and as he tries to minimize the repercussions of the mysterious plane disappearance, he unintentionally discovers the incredible truth about what actually happened to the plane.

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