The Secrets of Water by Wendy Nelson-Sinclair

The Secrets of Water by Wendy Nelson-Sinclair
English | 2020 | Historical Mystery | ePUB | 353 KB

A series of mysterious envelopes are suddenly placed in Lizzie Bennett’s hands. Suddenly, Lizzie finds herself in the center of a century-long mystery, and in possession of something that could radically change history.

Edith Blackwell was an Edwardian novelist who suicided by drowning in 1910. Since her death, there have been swirls of rumors pertaining the missing half of her last and most famous novel, The Secrets of Water.

In possession of the fabled last half, Lizzie journeys across the wide Atlantic to Northern England, eager to authenticate her discovery. Lizzie finds herself on an adventure that dispels long-held myths, uncovers long buried truths, and reveals Edith’s life to be vastly different from the one known to history. As Lizzie searches for the truth, she comes to understand that her own story is far different from the one she’s always known.

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