The Secrets We Bury by Mary Bush

The Secrets We Bury by Mary Bush
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 498 KB

How far would you go to hide the truth?
When a young mother, Gabrielle, and her son are found dead on the altar of a church, death scene investigator Valentina Knight is called to the scene to collect the bodies.

What Val finds is shocking. The mother, dressed in a white satin gown, has tree branches duct-taped to her hands and a piece of tape across her lips.
The boy has had his throat slashed.

Initially, the evidence suggests murder-suicide, but Val isn’t convinced and sets out to discover the truth.
When more of Gabrielle’s background comes to light nothing is as it seems.
Who was Gabrielle, why was she trying to hide her past, and what really happened one fateful day when her twin siblings drowned in the family pool?
As Val learns more about Gabrielle it becomes clear that the secrets we bury will not stay hidden for long…

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