The Secrets We Keep by Mia Hayes

The Secrets We Keep by Mia Hayes
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 410 KB

Sometimes, the people who seem the happiest have the most to hide.
But it’s imperative Elizabeth put on a brave face. So when she’s notgoingto Costco or day drinking with her best friend, she’s trying tocreate a new, drama-free life in the suburbs.
And it seems to work – until an anonymous gossip blog begins spilling the women of Waterford’s darkest secrets.
Now, the blurred conversations and blank spots in Elizabeth’s mind givewayto panic and anxiety. If her secrets – like a hospitalizationforbipolar disorder and a suicide attempt – don’t stay buried, shefacessocial shunning.

Because after all, life in Waterford must look Instagram perfect at all times.
With her mental health in tatters and her marriage on the brink ofimploding, Elizabeth fights to protect her family, her reputation, andher sanity.
A delicious mix of gossip and darker narrative, The Secrets We Keep is a brilliant look at life in the social media age, friendship, and the stigma of mental illness.

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