The Serpent’s Fang by Ryan Mullaney

The Serpent’s Fang by Ryan Mullaney
English | 2017 | Mystery & Suspense | ePUB | 259 KB

Not all treasures are meant to be discovered.
After returning from an expedition in the mountains of Cambodia, athlete-turned-adventurer Simone Cassidy is contacted by an unknown branch of the United States government with information about her parents, who died on a military base when she was still an infant. The proposition: help locate the lost Aztec city of Aztlan and bring back the artifact known as The Serpent’s Fang – a fabled ceremonial dagger used in ritual human sacrifice.

Possessed by the desire to dig into the mysteries of her past, Simone joins special operative Lincoln Lewis and field agent April Farren on what was supposed to be a simple expedition. But when a wealthy collector of rare antiquities and his team of hired mercenaries join the hunt, bullets fly and Simone quickly realizes the object they’re after is no ordinary dagger, but a weapon whose unfathomable power must not fall into the wrong hands.

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