The Seven by Fred Ellis Brock

The Seven by Fred Ellis Brock
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 264 KB

Bill Sanders is a stolid reporter who is also a best-selling author and widower. He teams up with Morgen Remley, an elusive MUFON UFO investigator and together they aim to get at the truth.

Shoe-leather and passport stamps sweep the pair along a meteoric arc…along the course exposing a durable global UFO cover-up spanning eight decades, the Justice Department, White House, intelligence community, and worldwide clandestine agencies working in shadow and collusion.

But why? And what, then, to do with that truth? Can anything be done? Is it too late? And ultimately, is the truth itself more enormous–more terrifying even–than the murders and abductions themselves?

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