The Sheer Nerve by Rob Lofhouse

The Sheer Nerve by Rob Lofhouse
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 501 KB

The bow of U-911 came level with the end of the jetty. Another docker, wrapped in rain gear, waved them in towards the left side. Hook took a deep breath, wiping his sweaty palms on his battledress trousers. Any second now, he knew that 2 Troop would let all hell break loose.
It is 1943, and Captain Hook is at sea aboard a hijacked German U-boat. Hook has heard all the Peter Pan-themed jokes about his name: as a British Commando, he knows that humour can be an indispensable tool for survival in war. And Hook, who is taking a motley crew of submariners and commandos on a hugely daring mission, may be needing it more now than ever.

Having used ingenuity and brute force to steal the U-boat, Hook and his men set off for the French port of La Rochelle. Their aim is to render the U-boats moored there useless, severely hampering the German war effort, and thereafter to navigate through the French countryside, evading the German forces that will undoubtedly pursue them, to meet up with Special Forces in a safer part of France.
To achieve this, commandos must become submariners, as submariners must become commandos. All of them must face the horrors and losses of war. And their officers, Hook included, must keep the complex and highly dangerous project on track to the bitter end.

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