The Silent Man by J.D. Weston

The Silent Man by J.D. Weston
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 602 KB

To find the killer, he must lose his mind…
When a missing girl is found on her parents’ doorstep, she becomes the only survivor in an ongoing serial killer investigation led by DI Matthew Myers. The case will make or break him. The faces of the victims haunt his every waking moment. But now, at last, he has the killer in custody.

However, with harassment charges against him and a lack of substantial evidence, Myers is forced to let the killer walk free – a move that will push him to the very edge of sanity.
Harvey Stone is a man of few words. As the adopted son of a wealthy businessman, his needs are few and his deadly skills are plenty.

But when Harvey’s guard is down and a member of his family is killed, Harvey is given an ultimatum: find the killer, or never return.
With two desperate men seeking the same killer, their paths must surely cross. But following a roller-coaster ride of murder and lies, only one man can prevail. The question is, who has more to lose?
Set at the turn of the century on the edge of East London, where the gritty suburbs meet the rolling countryside, this British detective novel is a breath-taking blend of suspense, action, and mystery with a dark edge that will keep you awake for nights on end.

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