The Song of the Lost Boy by Maggie Allder

The Song of the Lost Boy by Maggie Allder
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 3 MB

The Song of the Lost Boy is the latest novel from Winchester author Maggie Allder. Living in a homeless encampment on the edge of Winchester, Giorgio has become separated from his parents. With great determination, he sets out to find then; unaware of the difficulties he will encounter searching for missing people in a neo-fascist state.

Giorgio has only three clues to guide him: his name, a necklace and a half-remembered song. He pursues each of his leads in turn, all the while trying to avoid attracting the attention of the authorities, fearing that they will put him in care if they catch him. Eventually his path leads him to unexpected discoveries, and to a new sort of belonging.
With times of difficulty, danger, kindness and love, Giorgio pursues his goal. He meets a host of interesting characters along the way, from Spanner-in-the-Works and the brothers Big Bear and Little Bear, to the Old Man who lives in the copse at the top of the hill, to Vishna, who becomes like an older sister to Giorgio. As he searches for the missing adults, Giorgio grows up and learns about the world in which he lives and the people around him. The Song of the Lost Boy is a charming story with moments of sadness and tragedy, but also contentment and joy.

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