The Sons of Destiny by Summer Lee (ePUB)

The Sons of Destiny by Summer Lee (Reluctant Hero Trilogy #3)
English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 218 KB

Magena’s a captive in the real world. Daniel’s a captive in the virtual world—and if his captor discovers the secret to passing between worlds, her satanic powers will be unleashed in reality.
When Yasmeen orders Daniel’s execution by her Baal worshipers, he delays her death decree. But how long can he prevail against the self-proclaimed Queen Jezebel?
Meanwhile, Magena meets Reuben, one of the Twelve Sons of Destiny, descendants of Israel’s ancient tribal leaders. Together, they must escape and rescue Daniel before the Jewels of Jezebel find their way into the wrong hands.
Pursued by Yasmeen/Jezebel and her demon-possessed Hive of Baal, as well as a modern megalomaniac with an army, it’s up to Daniel and Magena—and the Sons of Destiny—to stop evil before it’s too late. But will they ever see each other again? Will they survive the dangerous challenges in the last days?

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