The Starry Sphinx by V. X. Lloyd

The Starry Sphinx by V.X. Lloyd
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 365 KB

OK, so he’s a telepathic alien human. But that doesn’t mean Moony knows how to make sense of apartment life in suburban Denver. After his mysterious encounter with a powerful cosmic being known as the Sphinx, he is pretty sure the fate of the world rests in his hands.

What is an avid Double Dragon fan with access to bottomless wealth supposed to do? Even though he looks like other humans, Moony doesn’t understand them. As he navigates life among role-playing gamers, drug dealers, and attractive bank tellers, he sorts out a few cosmic riddles. And he takes trips to Spanish-speaking countries. And he enjoys a few peculiar romantic escapades. Help has a way of finding Moony, but what will happen to him if he is successful at brewing the fabled checkered potion?
The Starry Sphinx is a novel set just after the turn of the millennium that follows the meandering heroic quest of a possible alien dwelling among us.

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