The Taken Girls by G.D. Sanders

The Taken Girls by G.D. Sanders
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 786 KB

Someone is watching them… When a missing teenage girl reappears unharmed but pregnant, the case falls to Detective Edina Ogborne, the newest recruit of Canterbury Police. But Edina’s already got her hands full with a team who don’t want her, an ex who won’t quit, and terrible guilt over a secret from her past. As Edina investigates the case, she discovers Canterbury has seen this crime not once, but several times before. And when Edina and her detectives encounter missing historic police files, falsified school records, and Edina’s new lover as a prime suspect, it becomes clear that the system has been corrupted. Can Edina find the kidnapper behind these depraved crimes before he strikes again? Or has time already run out?

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