The Time and the Place by Jane Renshaw

The Time and the Place by Jane Renshaw (The Pitfourie #2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 512 KB

Nothing in Claire Castleford’s career as an undercover cop has quite prepared her for this.

Charged with investigating the murder of a colleague, Claire arrives at Pitfourie in December, woefully unprepared for the rigours of an Aberdeenshire winter, the demands of her job as cook/housekeeper, and her instant feeling of connection with the target, putative murderer Hector Forbes. As she makes a series of disturbing discoveries, Claire struggles to maintain her professional detachment and, her whole career suddenly in jeopardy, must decide where exactly her loyalties lie.

Meanwhile, Damian’s friend Karen, now a school drop-out, has been caught embezzling money from Lorna’s shop. As she takes up with a group of New Age eco-hippies, her experiments with a life of crime are about to get a whole lot more serious..

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