The Tomb Guardian by Erick Mertz

The Tomb Guardian by Erick Mertz (Fog World #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 638 KB

A reluctant hero pitted against his powerful father. A desperate leader with nothing to lose. An unlikely young woman on the brink of a discovery that will shake the realm to its core. These are the three people standing up to face the coming catastrophe.
As far back as anyone in the realm can remember, the secretive Guardians of Eonnantha have offered them protection from their most dangerous secrets. Now those same guardians are under attack.

Burdened by a fog lasting more than a hundred years, citizens have grown accustomed to certain balances. The use of magic is punishable by death. They pay crippling tribute to the throne. But little do they know, something in that balance has been thrown off.
A member of an ancient, sacred order is found murdered on a distant island. When his body is discovered in an institution of learning, an unlikely young woman is tasked with investigating what happened.

She soon learns, however, that discovering the man’s killer is only part of her mission.

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