The Traveller’s Stone by S.J. Howland

The Traveller’s Stone by S.J. Howland
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 520 KB

“Haven’t you ever thought it was just a little bit odd that those old fairytales – the myths and the legends – are so similar, your world over? They may use different names but, fundamentally, the stories are all the same.”
Nothing in Xander King’s ordinary and uneventful existence has prepared him for the answer to this question. Targeted by terrifying shadows, Xander’s life takes a startling turn when a mysterious stone tablet catapults him into the parallel world of Haven, a place that challenges everything that he thought he knew.

Faced with extraordinary creatures, ancient secrets and a heritage he does not understand, Xander is drawn into the struggle to protect the border between his own reality and Haven, and prevent disaster overcoming them both.
But, as darkness spreads, he must confront new questions. Where does he belong, and is anything in Haven really as it seems?

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