The Trophy Room by Michael Kerr

The Trophy Room by Michael Kerr (Laura Scott Book 3)
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 340 KB

Carolyn Blake does not make it home from a girls’ night out at a pub in Uxbridge. Her partner, Nick Lewis, reports her as missing to the police, and also contacts Mitchell & Associates; a private investigation agency run by Jerry Mitchell, Laura Scott and Jim Elliott.
With just one small lead to follow, the investigators determine that Carolyn is one of several young women that have been taken by the same perpetrator.

The killer does not dump the bodies of his victims. He has a secret place that he calls his Trophy Room, where he does much more than abuse and murder them.
Carolyn has one slim chance to survive. Her uncle is rich, and when her abductor becomes aware of that fact, he decides that to ransom her for a great deal of money is the way to go.
No plans are perfect or without risk, though, especially if you are a paranoid serial killer who has never had experience of allowing a victim to live.

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