The Two Worlds by Eden Winter

The Two Worlds by Eden Winter
English | 2017 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 506 KB

You never can tell just how deep the rabbit hole goes until you’re so far away from everything and everyone you love that you don’t know if you’ll ever find your way back again.
Queen Veri has found herself in a world she doesn’t recognize, a world where the horses have wheels, where there are no creatures like her, and where there is only one sun and one moon. The only person who can bring her back to her own world and time is her fiercest enemy, the man who stole her love from her. Veri must find Adam in this strange new world, or time will run out for King Kainen and all the kingdoms in her own realm.
Veri and Adam must both return to her realm if either of them have any chance of saving King Kainen, who is on the brink of death.
But now that Veri knows just who and what Adam is, can she find a way to work with him to save King Kainen? Will they set their differences aside with Kainen’s life on the line, or will they be trapped together in a world and time that Queen Veri doesn’t know?

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