The Ultimate Tofu Cookbook by Nancy Silverman

The Ultimate Tofu Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know About Cooking and Eating Tofu by Nancy Silverman
English | 2019 | Food & Cooking | ePUB | 2.2 MB

Although tofu is a traditional component of East and Southeast Asian cuisine, it has become a vegetarian staple around the world.
This mysterious bean curd has served as a meat replacement in many dishes, due to its high protein content and ability to absorb flavor well.

Tofu is often considered an intimidating food by many because they are unsure of how to prepare, cook, and season it, or what dishes and flavors pair well with tofu.
The Ultimate Tofu Cookbook contains everything you need to know about tofu, including how to prepare and cook it, delicious recipes, the health benefits of eating tofu, and other fun facts about this vegetarian superfood!

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