The Unraveling by James Clifford (ePUB, MOBI)

The Unraveling by James Clifford
English | 2016 | Science Fiction | 798 KB

West Collins is a disgraced New York City journalist who is obsessed with solving the Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory to explain why the world seems hellbent on destroying itself.
He becomes entangled with a centuries old, mysterious shadow group called The Dracun who have succeeded in controlling society by creating a virtual prison where freedom is a manufactured illusion.
As West falls into the rabbit hole of chaos he battles a cadre of vicious agents who work for the state but ultimately are controlled by The Dracun. The world might have been conquered by the elite, ruling class but it is owned by The Dracun. And with no one left to fight The Dracun have declared war on the last enemy remaining—America.
Welcome to the world of our future. Where the crash never occurred, only a slow crumble but that is about to change because The Unraveling is rapidly approaching.
And with the world teetering on the abyss West discovers a Library in an alternate universe that will change everything. But is West’s discovery too late and has the final nail been driven into the coffin of civilization as we know it?
The Unraveling is a dystopian thriller where good and evil, freedom and tyranny are false realities in a society locked in perpetual upheaval and decay. But with civilization on the verge of implosion West discovers a greater truth about our world and our place in the universe.

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