The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories: Volume 1 by James D. Jenkins, Ryan Cagle

The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories: Volume 1 by James D. Jenkins, Ryan Cagle
English | 2020 | Fantasy & Horror | eBook | 2.3 MB

What if there were a whole world of great horror fiction out there you didn’t know anything about, written by authors in distant lands and in foreign languages, outstanding horror stories you had no access to, written in languages you couldn’t read? For an avid horror fan, what could be more horrifying than that?
For this groundbreaking volume, the first of its kind, the editors of Valancourt Books have scoured the world, reading horror stories from dozens of countries in nearly twenty languages, to find some of the best contemporary international horror stories. All the foreign-language stories in this book appear here in English for the first time, while the English-language entries from countries like the Philippines are appearing in print in the U.S. for the first time.

Stories included:
Uironda by Luigi Musolio (Italy)
Mater Tenebrarum by Pilar Pedraza (Spain)
The Time Remaining by Attila Veres (Hungary)
The Angle of Horror by Cristina Fernández Cubas (Spain)
Down, in Their World by Flavius Ardelean (Romania)
The Collector by Tanya Tynjälä (Peru)
Señor Ligotti by Bernardo Esquinca (Mexico)
The Illogical Investigations of Inspector André Despérine by Michael Roch (Martinique)
Menopause by Flore Hazoumé (Ivory Coast)
The Bones in Her Eyes by Christien Boomsma (Netherlands)
Twin Shadows by Ariane Gélinas (Quebec)
Backstairs by Anders Fager (Sweden)
Pale Toes by Marko Hautala (Finland)
Kira by Martin Steyn (South Africa)
Donation by Lars Ahn (Denmark)
Tiny Women by Solange Rodríguez Pappe (Ecuador)
Mechanisms by Elisenda Solsona (Catalonia)
The House of Leuk Dawour by Bathie Ngoye Thiam (Senegal)
The White Cormorant by Frithjof Spalder (Norway)
All the Birds by Yvette Tan (Philippines)
Snapshots by José María Latorre (Spain)

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