The Warlord and the Assassin by Mia Amano (ePUB)

The Warlord and the Assassin by Mia Amano
English | 72 pages | Romance | ePUB | 0.13 MB

Amina Sato is an Inue assassin, trained in the art of stealth. Ever since the Eratean Empire colonized the lands around her village, she has worked from the shadows, making swift, silent kills under the cover of night.
Her newest target is a man called Tarak Chul, an infamous Akuna Warlord who has waged bloody war to drive the Erateans back over the border. The Akuna are a fearsome tribe, known for their savagery in battle. When the bloodlust overtakes them, few can stand in their way.
Tarak Chul is no pushover. He’s a Warlord of the Akuna, a seasoned, hardened warrior. Amina’s never failed a single job in her career as an assassin, but she’s about to find out that the Akuna aren’t so easy to kill. And she’s about to learn that capturing the attention of their Warlord may be the most dangerous thing she’s ever done.

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