The Warlord’s Gambit by A.Q. Owen

The Warlord’s Gambit by A.Q. Owen
English | 2017 | Fantasy | ePUB | 203 KB

Civilization is history.
Once the fossil fuels evaporated, society crumbled faster than anyone could imagine. What used to be nations have devolved into competing fiefdoms, with local warlords cruelly commanding slave armies for territory and treasure—and demanding tribute with innocent lives.
With humanity in turmoil, science has fallen to superstition. Rumor and fear have replaced facts. Truth, along with most of mankind, is another casualty in these New Middle Ages.
Then came the vampires.
With humans weakened, scared, and fighting among themselves, legions of the undead—banned from the surface for thousands of years but watching us from the shadows—saw their chance to reign supreme yet again.

Luckily, amid the wreckage of civilization, heroes still walk the earth.

Enter Eve, a young woman with little hope for the return of either civilization or her parents, who disappeared after the fall of mankind. Striking out with her only friend, Diggs, Eve begins scouring what used to be the Southern United States to find her family.
Armed with swords, arrows, and her own fierce determination, Eve soon learns she possess mystical powers that help her in this new age: an age of strife, suffering, and sorcery.
An instant classic about one hero’s fight for survival and redemption in a world that just might be beyond saving.

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