The Widening Gyre by Chuck Grossart

The Widening Gyre by Chuck Grossart
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 305 KB

A young family is brutally murdered, and the world begins to unravel. The Chosen are dead, and an ancient evil—the Traveler—stands unchecked.
Two decades later, Zach Regan, a young man shaken by the return of a night terror that once stalked his childhood, and Peyton Sayre, a teenage girl resolved to survive the emotional carnage of a broken home, are drawn together by a force neither can comprehend, and neither can resist. Each glimpse fleeting moments of lives clearly not their own, vivid snapshots of another time and place…and of a family murdered.
Caught in a sudden storm of violence and deceit, Zach and Peyton are torn from one another, separated by distance yet joined by a need to fulfill an unknown purpose. Guided toward the truth by dreamlike visions, they yearn to find one another, but theirs is a union the Traveler cannot allow. He places in their path a killer who’d murdered an entire family twenty years before. Vic Davol had killed the Chosen once, and now he must kill them again.
The world teeters on the razor’s edge of the abyss as Zach and Peyton race to fulfill a promise once lost, for only they can prevent the onset of an encroaching, interminable darkness…the End of Days.

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