The Winds of Time by Ryan W. Mueller

The Winds of Time by Ryan W. Mueller (World in Chains #4)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 517 KB

Krinir has returned, and the world is in more danger than ever.
Markus, Nadia, and Berig are reeling from their battle with Krinir. But there’s no time to rest. The god Lionar is imprisoned in the distant future, and they must make their way to a land where sorcerers can send people through time.
To a future of devastation. The air is cold. The sky is dark. All signs of civilization have long since vanished. This is the world Krinir will create.

Back in Luminia, Kara works to help Darien Warrick regain control of his actions. She also develops her strange new magic. In the end, both Kara and Warrick have the power to decide the outcome of the final battle.
But Krinir is prepared. Everything they’ve done has played right into his hands. To stop Krinir, one of our heroes must make the ultimate sacrifice: their life to destroy the Webs of Fate.

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