The Woman Who Vanished by UD Yasha

The Woman Who Vanished by UD Yasha
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 594 KB

He hides in their house for days, watching their every move. He’s patient. Calm. Calculated. A shadow over their bed. Their screams are music to his ears.
Hello again…this is just the start, there will be more.

When a serial killer leaves a message for detective Siya Rajput at the brutal crime scene of a woman’s murder, she unravels a bone-chilling connection to the mystery that has tormented her since her childhood-the vanishing of her mother, who has been presumed dead for sixteen years.
The murder’s crime scene is eerily similar to the work of another serial killer. Except that serial killer is in jail and serving a life sentence.

Feisty and headstrong but still reeling from horrors of a devastating mistake she had made, Siya must now return to the life she had once walked away from while another killer stalks and preys on women.

Hunting down a monster could give Siya answers about her mother’s disappearance.
Is Siya’s mother still alive?
Finding the truth could make Siya question everything about her life…and also get her killed.

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