The Wrathful Mountains by Lana Axe (ePUB, MOBI)

The Wrathful Mountains by Lana Axe
English | 2016 | Fantasy | 605 KB

Evil awakens in the heart of the mountain.
Kaiya senses the presence of dark magic near her home in the Wrathful Mountains. The trouble is, she is the only sorceress for hundreds of miles, and no other magical beings are known to live nearby. Soon tremors rock her village, endangering the lives of those she loves. An urgent plea from the north summons her on a journey to send the evil back to its rest.
Joining Kaiya on her quest is Tashi, High Priestess of the Ulihi, a tribe once believed extinct. Attempting to save the life of her sister, Tashi calls upon a long-dead god, unleashing its evil upon the world. Now she must journey alongside the sorceress in hopes of repairing the devastation she has caused.

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