The Zone by Tripp Ellis (ePUB)

The Zone by Tripp Ellis (Infection Chronicles Book 1)
English | Sci-Fi Thriller | EPUB | 266 KB

Nothing gets in, or out, of the zone. It’s Major Jack Steele’s job to see to that.
The year is 2037. 4 million lives were lost in the battle to secure the city. A containment wall was built. Humanity’s only hope of survival is to keep the virus, and the zone, secure.
Steele is a lethal soldier—half man, half machine. But the Army went cheap on parts. A faulty neural interface causes him to live in constant pain. But he has a chance to change all of that when a wealthy billionaire wants an escort into the zone.
With the promise of riches beyond their wildest dreams, Steele and his band of burnouts take the job to pull the ultimate heist. But once inside the zone, everything spins out of control. Steele and his men struggle against hordes of snarling infected and ruthless overlords that rule the wasteland.
If they want to get out alive, they’ll have to make some difficult choices. Can you put a price tag on the soul?

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