Then… by Carol Marrs Phipps,‎ Tom Phipps

Then… by Carol Marrs Phipps,‎ Tom Phipps (Timewalker #2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 407 KB

Will Pandora and her World Alliance rule from Atlantis, under the sea… until the world above no longer breathes?
The much awaited sequel to the highly acclaimed dystopian fantasy novel, WHAM! is here.
While the underground frantically works to mount a resistance against Pandora and the World Alliance, the potentate’s evil grows.

She stages withering chemical attacks wherever the underground may survive. She passes more laws to hamper their movements.
And new inventions to control their minds.
And as Nia grows heavy with the potentate’s child, her desperation to escape before the birth turns to panic.

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